I feel blessed to have Robert in our lives, because without him we would have probably given up on our wonderful adopted Aussie (Tao) a long time ago. I called the Dog Wizard almost in tears about our new 1 year old Aussie that we adopted into a household of 2 other Aussies. I have lived for 8 years with a reactive Aussie (Suede) and hoped that our new guy would be the opposite. Instead, he quickly picked up Suede’s poor manners and started fighting with her. Tao also misbehaved with other dogs, which isolated the interactions and environments I exposed him to. I was devastated and tried multiple trainers until I found Robert. After our initial consultation, Robert made us feel confident that Tao and Suede could be rehabilitated. His calm and confident demeanor made us feel at ease and hopeful that we could have a happier future with our dogs. Once the dogs came back from training they were doing so much better. We haven’t had any fights between them and Tao can now meet other dogs, including visits to dog parks, without misbehaving. Tao is a much calmer and happier dog. It is a wonderful feeling to walk all three dogs off leash and have complete control. The best part of the training program with Robert is the ongoing sessions that are included in the training. Robert made huge improvements with my dogs, but I must continue the rehabilitation and training to ensure Suede and Tao are successful. Robert is amazing at working with my schedule to work on follow-up issues and ensuring that our continued training is on the right track.