We used the board-and-train program at Durham Dog Wizard and I can honestly say I never believed my dog could be so well trained! We had done basic dog training before this program, and my one year old Basenji mix was great indoors.  The problem was that as soon as we went outside, we would basically stop existing as far as she was concerned. With almost no attention span, a stubborn streak, and a bad tendency to pull really hard on her leash, taking her on walks was an exhausting ordeal and sometimes even dangerous when she’d escape her harness. Robert took her for two weeks and we got back an amazing, well-behaved puppy who can sit still in the presence of squirrels (this is HUGE for her–squirrels are her kryptonite) and actually listen while outside. He did a wonderful job training her, and took great care of her in the two weeks she was with him. My pup has so much more freedom to explore and play when we’re on walks because I know she will respond when I call her. She heels beautifully (without a leash!), comes when called, and is generally much more pleasant to hang out with outdoors.  Now I look forward to going on walks with her instead of dreading them, and feel comfortable taking her out in public with me, knowing she’ll behave herself. Robert’s training has opened up a whole new level of companionship that I can have with my dog, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends with dogs!!