Malcolm, our likely english setter/german pointer mix is the envy of most other dog owners in our neighbourhood. I wish I could claim the the praise I get from many of these people for having such a well trained dog, but that credit really belongs with Robert (the dog wizard). We got Malcolm from a shelter at about 4 months old, and though at the time was a bit obsessed with tennis balls, he seemed to be a perfectly happy normal puppy. We went to puppy classes, we knew our sits, stays, leave its (albeit whether they were done was not always consistent – obedience was somewhat dependent on whether he was in the mood or if there was a treat at hand). Unfortunately, for whatever reason, at around 12 months old, without any clear trigger, while at one of our local restaurant hang outs, a lady came over to pet Malcolm (something we happily allowed as he was always great with strangers, young and old) and suddenly our sweet puppy acted as if he was terrified. His fear of strangers (which started that day and has continued since) quickly changed to fear aggression so that he would jump up at strangers he became afraid of without much warning. In time, despite out best attempts to reassure him, we became terrified to take him anywhere for fear that he would hurt someone that he was scared by. We didn’t know what to do – we couldn’t take him places with us meaning we lost the enjoyment of having him and he lost the enjoyment of being taken out so often. That’s when we decided to try some personal training with Robert. We hoped for change, but were skeptical of what could be accomplished. While Malcolm will never be a dog who is enthusiastic to meet new strangers, he is now a different dog. I can now do things with him I never imagined I could – I walk/run him more often than not without a leash while I walk, run or bike beside him. He comes whenever i call him, including when there are birds and squirrels for the chasing. He will stay where I tell him until I tell him go, even when I throw a ball, his favorite toy, right in front of him. We love to play with other dogs at the dog park and he has met many new people who he has learned are friends and not to be feared. We are very thankful for all that Robert has done for Malcolm, and it was certainly worth every penny to make him a much happier dog and us happier owners.