We still have a hard time believing the transformation of our dogs. We have 2 rescues who were very well behaved with everything other than interacting with the outside world. They had leash aggression issues and didn’t like strangers in our house. It was a very stressful task to walk them or have company over. However, working with Robert for a very short amount of time totally changed our dogs. Walking them is now FUN! Fun for us and fun for them. I remember thinking we could never take them off leash and now they are off leash all the time. Even at crowded events. Its just not an issue anymore. They also now accept visitors to our house which is a huge relief. This is some of the best money and time we have ever spent. Plus, the continuing education classes on Saturdays are a wonderful way to continue working with your dogs and practicing. Robert is wonderful with dogs – he makes the training fun for you and for them. We can’t recommend him highly enough. We wish we had done this program years ago.