Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog

It must be noted that the picture above is of Jean Moore Swerngan, aka "grandmommy", but since passing on February 23,2007 - she is now famously know as - "the coolest lady that ever lived".

If you have been fortunate enough to witness the remarkable influence the presence of a dog can have on an elderly or sick individual, then you will most definitely understand the benefit of therapy dogs. If you haven’t experienced it, you must – it is truly incredible to watch an ailing little boy or girl’s face brighten when a dog enters the room. And we are delighted to get to provide this awesome gift to anyone that wants to give back within their community. Not every dog is apt for therapy, but we can help assess, educate, and then certify your dog for therapy work. Even if your dog is not meant for therapy (or you don’t own a dog), we can certify handlers and match you with a dog that is certified to local nursing homes and hospitals. We are lucky to be partnered with Paws for People foundation who train and place many service dogs throughout the country. We have a “preparatory” class that you can take prior to the certification day which aids in preparing owners and their dogs. Once you pass the certification, you can join other clients of ours and visit local hospitals and nursing homes to lift the spirits of the occupants. Check out our calendar to see when the next class and certification will be held; you must sign up in advance.